Monday, January 21, 2008

Transformers - Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo

Beast Wars II Opening

Beast Wars II - Movie Opening

Beast Wars Neo Opening

The Japs are here... Run for cover!!! Yup, the Japs are back to put their quirky little twist on everything Transformers. With the success of the US CGI Beast Wars series... the Japs churned out a conventional 2D rendition of their very own Beast Wars series aptly entitled - "Beast Wars II"... The story line is geared more towards the younger audience.. and like all the Jap's filled with cheesy dialog and even cheesier "Moral" stories...

Now anyone who knows me, knows that i am a walking contradiction when it comes to Transformers...I love Transformers toys done by the Japs.. aka "Takara" now known as "TakaraTomy". But i would rather gouge out my eyes and stick nine inch rusty nails into my ears then to watch the cartoon and listen to their cheesy dialog and story lines!!! Then it's the Americans turn.. i love their flair in story telling.. even if it's a cartoon, they have a way to make it cool and appealing and not overly cheesy and full of unrealistic moral stories that makes me wanna open my window and jump down from my building!!! But when it comes to the toys... it's sloppy QC all the way... crappy paint job and the worst part of em all... "SUPER LOOSE JOINTS"!!! Now, given that the loose joints syndrome have been somewhat rectified recently... paint job applications are still a major problem with Hasbro's products.

Ok let's get back to the main topic... Truth be told, I've only watched the "Beast Wars II Movie" and really hate it and since i have not watched the Jap versions of Beast Wars II / Neo on going series... I'll approach this series at the "Toys" perspective.

Beast Wars II Toy TVC

The Beast Wars Transmetal toy series is called "Beast Wars Metals" by the Japs aka "Takara". The Takara released Beast Wars II / Neo toys are exclusively available only to the Japs as most of the toys made by Takara are not available in the Hasbro lines... while most of the Hasbro's figs are available in the Takara series.

Below are pics of the catalogue scans of the Beast Wars II toyline courtesy of -

Below are pics of the catalogue scans of the Beast Wars Neo toy line courtesy of -

In the future.. I will be showcasing my Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo figures here in my blog.. so keep an eye on em

As mentioned earlier on in this entry... i will be grading both BW II and BW Neo series solely on their toy series... this series gets a resounding "A++" owing it's success to the multitude of exclusive of it's Convoy figures. Big Convoy is my ultimate fav of the BW series. I'm a sucker for Prime and Convoy figures!!!